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 [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas

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PostSubject: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:49 pm

This is basic lore from the campaign guide and City of Splendors, this is not confirmed for the server lore and is subject to dm term changes (if any)
Just posting a series of articles to cover inspiration and various things to cover for the server.

The basics

Map of Waterdeep:

Population:  1,347,840
Humans - 64%
Dwarves - 10%
Elves - 10%
Halflings - 5%
Half Elves - 5%
Gnomes - 3%
Half orcs - 2%
Other - less than 1%
Religion: Any, especially Deneir, Mystra and Oghma
Government: Oligarchy - The Lords of Water Deep and anonymous meritocratic rulers
Allignment: Any

Waterdeep, also known as the City of Splendors or the Crown of the North, is the most important and influential city in the North and perhaps in all Faerûn. For this reason it was considered part of the Western Heartlands of the Realms, even though it lay 150 miles north of Daggerford on the shores of the Sword Coast. The city sat "slightly above the 45 degree north latitude line on Toril." The road to Waterdeep was well paved and well patrolled. The city was the hub of trading from the mineral-rich lands to the north, the merchant kingdoms of Amn and Calimshan to the south, the kingdoms of the Inner Sea to the east, and the sea kingdoms and traders to the west. Waterdeep's authority extended between thirty to forty miles from its walls. The surrounding region had a population density of over 200 people per square mile.

Waterdeep was named for its outstanding natural deep-water harbor, and the city that grew up at this site became the commercial crossroads of the northern Realms. More than 100,000 people made their home in Waterdeep. The city sprawled northward from the sea, spreading along the flanks of Mount Waterdeep, which used to be home to the Melairkyn, a mithral-mining dwarven clan, and the entire length and great depth of the mountain was riddled with passages and tunnels, most of which were occupied by deadly creatures whose presence in the mountain predated the founding of the city itself. The halls of Undermountain located beneath the city were a popular target for adventurers, who enjoyed the close vicinity of the city's main taverns and temples where aid could be purchased through donations.
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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:12 am

The Castle ward

Map of Castleward:

The Castle Ward of Waterdeep lies at the center of the city. It encompasses Mount Waterdeep, its castle, and much of the government of the city. This includes the Palace of Waterdeep, occupied by Piergeiron the Paladinson, and the homes of many prosperous Waterdhavians

Castle Waterdeep
Layout of the castle:

Its walls were 60-ft-thick (18 m) on average, and high enough that when banners were displayed in honor of visiting parties, they were visible from many areas of the southern city. They were also enchanted with magic spells. The castle held enough food to feed 50,000 people for ten days, and could accommodate up to 540 prisoners in 90 cells. There were many dungeons beneath the castle, mainly used for storage, which linked through to the Citadel of the Bloody Hand, creating a security concern. There were also deep wells beneath the castle that provided clean drinking water. Most of the castle's passageways were permanently lit by continual light spells.

Fetlock Court
Fetlock Court is a large paved courtyard in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep, adjoining the stables of the Palace. It is used as the staging area for mounted guards before their departure on patrols, and was unofficially a concert area for bards to practice. It is also possible to purchase horses here.

Blackstaff Tower

Blackstaff Tower (previously Arunsun Tower; renamed by Khelben in 1322 DR) was the home of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun. The forbidding structure is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep. It was also the home of his apprentices and his consort Laeral Silverhand. The tower was protected against scrying magic.

Blackstaff Tower's main entrance was on Swords Street. There was also an apprentice's gate, through which apprentices could gain access by touching the gate with a left palm. The tower was surrounded by a 20-foot wall.

The appeared to be made out of smooth black stone, with no windows or doors. From the outside, the structure appeared to be a three-story stone tower, but inside, there were at least a dozen more levels, and some of these could only be reached by magical means. Everything connected to the central stairwell, although magical passwords were required to transport to certain areas of this stairwell. The three levels visible from the outside were all freely accessible via simply using the stairs.

The tower had the ability to repair itself, along with its outer walls and gates, when damaged, and this process could be helped along by Laeral Silverhand. Intruders that posed a threat to the tower could potentially trigger a Walking Statue to form out of the roof.

The Market
The largest open space in the city is an open marketplace surrounded by stone buildings (many moneylenders and pawnshops among them) that enclose the maze of temporary stalls and carts that appear here day and night. The Market is the best place to haggle for the lowest price on almost any trade good imaginable, though there's no guarantee of finding anything

Mount Waterdeep
Mount Waterdeep was the name of the mountain on and around which the city of Waterdeep was built. It was a rough, rocky mountain and stood some 1,500 feet (457m) above the sea level, to the west of the city. Beneath the mountain was the notorious Undermountain. The whole of Mount Waterdeep was considered to be in the Castle Ward.

The Warrens
The Warrens are tunnels underneath Dock Ward and Castle Ward in Waterdeep. The Warrens have existed for hundreds of years and are inhabited primarily by gnomes and halflings. The existence of the tunnels was unknown to most Waterdavians until the gnomes told the halfings about the tunnels and the halflings told everyone else.

There is a temple dedicated to Baravar Cloakshadow located within the Warrens.


Halls of Justice - temple to Tyr
Font of Knowledge - Temple to Gond
Spires of the Morning - Temple to Lathander
Temple of the Overgod - annexed by the council, now a public hall.

Elfstone Tavern
The main taproom was thirty feet high with living trees in it. A large oak tree grew in each corner, and upper storey rooms provided privacy and sleeping quarters. Skylights were present in the ceiling, along with shutters that could be opened to allow rain and light in during the day for the trees.

The Elfstone served elven delicacies such as elverquisst, guldathen nectar and maerlathen blue wine, and also Evereskan clearwater, moonwine, biscuits with crab meat, mint jelly, roe, shrimp or spiced silverfin, and skewers of rabbit, squirrel or venison with a green sauce.

Sapphire House
Sapphire House was an expensive rooming house on Swords Street in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep on the opposite side of the street to Blackstaff Tower. The inn was a five-story building

Smiling Siren
The nightclub and theater was housed in a plain stone and mudbrick building. It was home to a local troupe of actors, who often put on (somewhat risque) private shows for Waterdhavian nobles. Traveling troupes, bards, comedians, and nearly nude dancers also performed regularly. The proprietor in the 1360s DR was Perendel Wintamer, a young mage.
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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:27 am

The Trades Ward

Ward Map:

Trades Ward was one of the seven wards of the city of Waterdeep. The ward was bounded in the south by South Ward, in the west by Castle Ward, in the north by North Ward and the City of the Dead and in the east by the Trollwall.

The House of Song

The House of Song was the guildhall of the Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, and Choristers in Waterdeep. It was located in the city's Trade Ward, on the corner of Coach Lamp Lane and Carter's Way.

Inside, two adjacent columns were paler blue than the others, and there was an old elven song etched near the ceiling here. If the tune was played, a gate to Wyllowwood in Undermountain would open between the columns.

Virgin's Square
This market and traditional hiring place for warriors is named for the local legend that virgins were sacrificed to dragons on this spot, long before the founding of Waterdeep. Whenever Cult of the Dragon agents visit the city, this is their traditional meeting place.

The Plinth
Once a wizard's tower and the center of Selunite worship in Waterdeep, the Plinth is now a temple open to any faith and employed by worshipers of gods who lack sizable congregations in the city of Splendors. This mighty, needle like tower resembles a tall thin pyramid with the top cut off. Small balconies spiral around the tower in slow descent. City laws forbid the sacrifice of intelligent beings to any god, but a lot of folk lead (or are "helped" to fall from these heights each year. The flat rough is often used as a landing space for aerial steeds by the city's wealthy and powerful.

Court of the White Bull
This place is a packed dirt plaza named for the birth of an albino calf on this site when it lay outside the city walls. the calf's owner eventually built the White Bull Tavern, which thrived for years until destroyed in a great spell battle that tore a rapidly widening planar breach to the Astral Plane. Azuth, god of mages, repaired the breach, but the area intermittently acquires the planar traits of wild magic. As a result, no one has ever dared build on the location, making it a natural meeting place and market for caravan owners to peddle their wares from wagons.

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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:37 am

City of the Dead

The City of the Dead is a large cemetery and ward in Waterdeep. Most of the city's dead were buried here. This walled enclosure on the eastern edges of the Trade ward is the general cemetery for the City of Splendors, and its size nearly makes it a ward in and of itself. Many citizens visit the City of the Dead's parklike green lawns and white marble tombs during the day, for it is one of the few places dominated by grreenery that the citizens of Waterdeep can enjoy within the city walls.

The City of the Dead is set against the eastern cliffs. It is entered through Weeping Gate. Most mausoleums or tombs belonging to noble houses contain portals established by Ahghairon that each reach a private burial ground in a nearby uninhabited dimension. Entering them can have unpredictable side effects.

The more important personages have their own personal graves or family shrines, while others are confined to larger crypts. Many of the more important tombs are guarded by animated guardians.

Individual graves were replaced with tombs in 1250 DR, due to a lack of space. Two years later, in 1252 DR, a wall was built to contain the growing number of undead, who were causing problems in other nearby wards. A Watch contingent keeps the cemetery peaceful and various members of the Guilds of Chandlers and Lamplighters keep torches lit around and inside a number of the tombs. The grounds are off limits after dusk and the gates are locked. Nevertheless many individuals still hold clandestine meetings at night in the City of the Dead, despite the slight risk of Undead escaping from a warded tomb to prowl the sprawling cemetery.
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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:49 am

The Docks Ward

Ward Map:

The Dock Ward of Waterdeep is situated on the Great Harbor of Waterdeep. It contains the docks, shipbuilding yards, and warehouses for the sea trade. Compared to the rest of the city it is exceptionally dirty, smelly, and particularly dangerous. In the words of Elminster himself, the Dock Ward is a "riotous, nigh-perpetual brawl that covers entire acres, interrupted only by small buildings, intermittent trade businesses, an errant dog or two, and a few brave watchguards, who manage to keep the chaos from spreading beyond the docks; the whole lot wallowing in the stench of rotting fish."

Notable locations
Taverns and inns
Warm Beds, a quiet inn run by Shalath Lythryn.
The Mermaid's Arms, a rowdy tavern and festhall run by Calathia Frost and favored by the crew of the Sea Sprite; located on Dock Street.
Heartflame, a festhall on Snail Street owned by Nauloene Tharantra before it burned down on the Night of Pirates in late Uktar, 1367 DR, the Year of the Shield.
Selûne's Smile, also known as the Inn of the Crescent Moon, was a tavern devoted to Selûne and used as a base of operations.

Shipwright, large building located on Dock Street.
Red Sails Warehouse, economic storage in the form of "coffin-sized lockboxes"; located near Cod Lane.

Seaswealth Hall, guildhall of the Fishmonger's Fellowship, which oversees the city's fish markets; located on the waterfront.
The Order of Master Shipwrights, located on Dock Street.
Dungsweepers' Guild, located on Ship Street.
Coopers Guild, located in front of Shipper's Hall between Ship Street and Pressbow Lane.

The Monster Pit - underneath the Fishscale Smithy lies an abandoned gladiatorial arena once owned (indirectly) by Elaith Craulnober. Various Dock Ward Gangs sometimes use the place for settling their differences.

The Old Xoblob Shop - this curiousity shop is filled with lots of battle trophies and souvenirs from Undermountain. The shop is untidy and ill-organized but worth a look, if only to see the stuffed beholder fro which the ship is named (hanging from the main counter). The proprietor, Dandalus Ruell, loves to tell the tale of his victory over old Xoblob.

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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:02 am

South Ward

South Ward, more properly called Southern Ward, though native Waterdhavians did not call it such, was the smallest of the seven Wards of the city of Waterdeep, though curiously, not the south-most; this distinction went to Dock Ward, which bordered Southern Ward in the west and the south across the Way of the Dragon.

The northern boundary with Trades Ward lay across Telshambra's Street and Caravan Court. To the east, the Ward was bounded by the city walls (circa 1372 DR), specifically the "Trollwall", which included the southern inner gate leading to the Caravan Grounds and the South Gate beyond.

This was considered the "poor" ward and was often known as Caravan City due to the large numbers of caravan merchants, teamsters and guards that swelled the population of the ward most of the year.

Dust and mud was common on the streets and most buildings were old, multi-story tenements with shops or businesses on the ground floor. Many visited the ward to experience the wonder of the Moon Sphere; a miraculous event occurring on the nights of the full moon in the Dancing Court, adjacent to the Jade Dancer; one of the best-known festhalls in the city.

Notable Areas
Caravan Court - This place is usually a dust-shrouded melee of cursing, whip wielding drovers, bawling beasts of burden and creaking wagons and carts. Most Caravans entering or leaving through the Southern Gate muster or disband in Caravan Court, making it a scene of nonstop activity and chaos

At the southern intersection of the Highroad and the Way of the Dragon, the Waymoot is a high signpost mounted in the middle of the crossroads with hanging arrows pointing toward the harbor and city gates. Created by the Watchful Order and funded by local merchants, the signpost magically directs travelers to locations spoken into a crystal on the post. Once a site is spoken, the Waymoot writes the destination onto a relevant arrow and indicates it's distance from Waterdeep, therefore folk are sent out the appropriate gate leading north, east or south depending on their destinations.

The Queenspire The Queenspire is a temple of Umberlee within Deepwater Harbor in Waterdeep. The building was located on a large rocky outcropping of a sandbar south of the city off the South Ward

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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:16 am

North Ward

Waterdeep's quietist ward is also one of iot's wealthiest. North Ward is home to most of the middle class and lesser noble families. this ward has a few notable landmarks other than the Cliffwatch and it all but shuts down at dusk. the placid reputation belies the intrigues and scheme that goes on behind closed doors and the volumes of smuggled goods that lie in cellars beneath the city streets.

This sheer 100 foot cliff presents a beautiful view of the countryside east and south of Waterdeep, and it provides a valuable defense against invading orcs and trolls. Guards in Endcliff Tower and the Watchway Tower carefully watch the cliff's edge, which is unobstructed by walls or rails.

The Grinning Lion

Tucked away inside a block of homes and businesses this place is adorned with (faked) battle trophies from all over Faerun, is as raucous as taverns get in North Ward. An old joke claims the Riven Shield Shop sends all shields beyond repair to hang on walls here.

The music is loud with male and female dancers in fantastically styled and revealling mock armor swaying and pirouetting among the tables. Real, if broken, weapons hang on the walls everywhere so bouncers swiftly discourage any disputes. Folk come here to drink zzar and wine and eat fried onions and eels.

Tymora's Fancy
Tymora's Fancy was a high coin gambling establishment in the North Ward of the city of Waterdeep. The gambling den offered a fair and level field of play: no spells, no magic items, no exceptions. Should any magic be used to effect a game, no winners would be declared as it was magic tainted.

Games Available
Several card games
Year's Turning Wheel - guess the rune that would mark the end of the wheel to win
Races - mice or tiny gem colored lizards raced on a miniature track
Clockwork Castle - miniature foot high clockwork knights in full armor fought 'to the death'

Tsathree's Comforts
Tsathree's Comforts was a boutique owned by Jhamanthra Tsathree and was located on Golden Serpent Street in the North Ward of Waterdeep circa the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR.

This shop gained brief notoriety when Jhamanthra began selling a new scented facial wash she called Waterfall Kiss. It was quickly discovered that skin treated with this product suddenly began to glow a vivid green color a few hours after applying certain cosmetic products to the treated area. The glow lasted for a few hours and then faded, apparently harmlessly. For a time, Waterfall Kiss was in great demand as the Waterdhavian youth with disposable income experimented with the humorous and glamorous application of making other body parts glow.
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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:47 am

Sea Ward

Ward Map:

Waterdeep's wealthiest ward is notabel for the many-spired, grand homes of the nobility, the gleaming edifices of the city's leading temples, and the imposing tower's of the city's premier wizards. Other notable landmarks inclde the Field of Triumph, the lush Heroes' Garden and the Sea's Edge Beach.

Sea's Edge Beach
Originnally just an area of mud flats on the City's western seaside, the area south of the Westgate has been covered with sand and turned into a beachfront. While only used as such at the height of Summer when water temperatures rise to near tolerable levels, Sea's Edge Beach is used for reflection, solitude and as the terminus of Auril's Blesstide Cliffs run.

Heroes' Garden
Waterdeep's only Public park outside the City of the Dead is a large, lush area of grass, trees and ponds once covered by the sprawling school of wizardty known as the Tower of Yintros. A number of statues decorate the area, including large marble statues to the Open Lords Baeron and Lhestryn (in her guise as the Masked Lady). It is often the scene of adventurers retelling their exploits to others and attendent local children. The watch and the local citezanry tend to the park, which means they often keep the park clear of debris and prevent would-be heroes from carving their names into the trees (The Company of Crazed Venturers did so anyway several decades back).

The Fields of Triumph
The Field of Triumph was a large outdoor stadium located in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep at the southern end of the Street of the Singing Dolphin, adjacent to the House of Heroes, and bordered by Julthoon Street, Jelzar's Stride, and Seaeye's March. The main entrance was at the end of Gulzindar Street, known as the Lion Gate because it was carved to give visitors the impression they were walking into the maw of a gigantic lion.

The Field of Triumph was the venue for many public spectacles from late spring until late autumn, weather permitting. The Open Lord of Waterdeep used the Field as a public forum to give proclamations to the city, but most of the time it was host to exciting events such as horse races, shows of magic and illusion, martial displays of formation and skill, gladiatorial combats, and exhibitions of strange and wondrous creatures and monsters from all across Faerûn and beyond. Attendance often numbered in the thousands.

Temples and shrines
House of Heroes - Temple of Tempus
House of Inspired Hands - Temple of Gond
House of the Moon - Temple of Selune
House of Wonder - Temple of Mystra
Shrines of Nature - Shrines to the nature gods
Temple of Beauty - Temple to Sune
Tower of Luck - Temple to Tymora
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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:50 am

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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:42 am



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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:21 pm

Forgot to add two areas. The First

Deepwater Harbor

The naturally sheltered deep water basin that gives Waterdeep both it's name and its wealth is a bustling place. Its chill waters are kept fairly clean by the diligent work of the Guild of Watermen and the merfolk of Tharqualnaar.

Deepwater harbor is divided into two smaller harbors - the Great Harbor, through which commerce and transportation flows, and the Naval Harbor, restricted for use of the navy. Two major islands, Stormhaven and Deepwater enclose the harbor. Notable landmarks inclide Boatscape Cove where ships are beached to be cleaned of barnacles and worse; Deepwater Beach, where mermaids often come to sun and flirt with the guards; The Sea Stacks, sharp rocks that deter close approach of sailing ships; and Umberlee's Cache, the subsea depression that leads to flooded caverns in the depth.

Waterdeep's sewers empty into the harbor at places covered with extremely large and strong gratings, regularly patrolled by bands of merfolk, using nets to scoop and gather debris for transport out to sea.

Deepwater Beacon

This underwater lighthouse stands at the edge of Umberlee's Cache, lit by a magical light which guides the merfolk patrols and keeps the sea wraiths confined to the caverns below.
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PostSubject: Re: [Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas   Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:33 pm

and everyone's favourite den of evil,

Skullport and Undermountain


Skullport, also known as the Port of Shadows, was a teeming hive of evil lying deep beneath Waterdeep on the third underground level of Undermountain.

Skullport lay along the subterranean river Sargauth, which was used as a trade route to the outside world. Over the centuries, several magical portals large enough for entire ships to pass through were built in the cavern walls along this waterway. One such portal, about 400 feet (122 m) east of Skull Island, is only faintly visible as a scratched outline in the stone. Triggering the portal required no special key, just extraordinary confidence on the part of the ship's pilot, since the vessel had to be steered bow-first into the wall. When the bowsprit made contact with the portal, the vessel and all its contents were transported instantly to the middle of the Lapal Sea.

The Keepers were hired mages who raised ships through the magical locks that led from the port to the Sea Caves south of Waterdeep and from there to the open sea. These portals are said to have been established by Halaster. Apparently passage through these locks required permission from the Keepers, although a talented mage could "piggyback" another ship passing through the portal at the same time.


This ancient dungeon started as a mine and dwelling of dwarves belonging to the Melairkyn clan. In the centuries since the dwarves were driven out it has been the home of drow, duergar, powerful wizards, criminal groups, and convicted felons.

The most famous of those to control the halls of Undermountain was Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage. He and his apprentices explored the ruins and laid claim to many areas. Over the next thousand years they populated these areas with various monsters, magical experiments, numerous portals and traps. Around 1306 DR the City of Waterdeep started exiling convicted felons to the depths of Undermountain.

Entrances & Exits to Undermountain
The halls of Undermountain are linked to the surface world in countless ways, both physical and magical. Halaster uses his network of portals to bring in monsters from all across Faerûn to restock his dungeon. He also uses portals to draw adventurers into the deeper regions, rarely explored, and to give the occasional lucky adventurer an unexpected escape. Some of the notable physical links are described below.

  • Blue Mermaid Passage: This connects a dry well in the cellar of the Blue Mermaid tavern to the Port of Shadow.
  • Castle Corkscrew: This passage corkscrews down from the cellars of Castle Waterdeep to Skullport, bypassing the first two levels.
  • Falling Stair: This connects the dungeons of Castle Waterdeep and the Citadel of the Bloody Hand with Undermountain's first level.
  • Long Dark Stair: This links the oubliette of the Blushing Nymph festhall with Undermountain's first level.
  • South Seacaves: This links the Sea of Swords on the western flank of Mount Waterdeep with the River Sargauth by means of a set of hoists.
  • The Yawning Portal Inn: Built atop the ruins of Halaster's Hold, The Yawning Portal Inn contains the primary entrance into Undermountain, a large well that drops down into Undermountain's Dungeon Level. Secondary entrances are found in the inn as well, including a link to the inn's less well known "wee" well and a passage leading out of the Yawning Portal's cellar.

Levels of Undermountain
Major Levels
  • The Dungeon Level: The Dungeon Level has long been used by the Lords of Waterdeep as a dumping ground for undesirables, hence its most common name. It is also known as the Temple Level, for the many temples of dark gods that have been constructed here over the years, and the Tomb Level, for the many lords and kings that have been interred herein as well. As explorers of Undermountain often visit this level, its features are common tavern-talk of Waterdeep. Notable features of the Dungeon Level include the Bone Throne, the Cavern of Eyes, the Falling Stair, the Grim Statue, the Hall of Sleeping Kings, the Hall of Three Lords, the House of Pain, the Lanceboard Room, the Sundered Throne, the Temple of Gulkulath, and the Temple of the All-Seeing One.
  • The Storeroom Level: On this level, Halaster and his apprentices excavated the rough stone caverns and mining tunnels left by the dwarves to house their acquisitions and magical experiments. Notable features of the Storeroom Level include the Doomgate, the Hemwatch and Lord Hund Hillgauntlet's Tomb.
  • The Sargauth Level: Known for the River Sargauth, which winds through this massive level, Undermountain's third level consists of two major sections. The southern third of the level consists of the remnants of the Sargauth Enclave, now split by a massive cave-in leading to the Port of Shadow and the Promenade of the Dark Maiden. The northern two-thirds of this level were constructed by Halaster and his apprentices, and served much the same role as Undermountain's second level. The most notable features of this level are the Lair of the Eye and the rubble-filled Pit of Ghaunadaur, a mile-deep shaft that leads from the Prime Material Plane into the Cauldron of Slime through an intermittently existent planar breach.
  • The Farms Level: The fourth level of Undermountain contains farms no surface dweller would recognize. Halaster's mightiest magic brought the River of the Depths, also known as the River Sargauth, to this level, where it links huge caverns in broad, sweeping curves, and is navigable by barges. In these caverns, slaves and servants of the drow, aboleth, and other races of the Realms Below produce slimes and algae for food. Halaster controls his own farms here, too, and their produce is teleported to "feed-bin" rooms throughout the dungeon (rooms known to resident monsters as "watering-holes"). Undermountain's privies are also rinsed by magically pumped or redirected water into miniature portals that bring their contents to the farms. The dung-heaps produced by this process are inhabited by advanced otyughs and gulguthydras, among other foul scavengers. All of these farms are quite valuable, as there are few large sources of good food underground; thus, all are heavily guarded. The drow and Halaster have both used fearsome monsters as guardians, including death tyrants, advanced nagas with many sorcerer levels, dragon turtle sorcerers, and even wilder creatures. A large, eerily dark lake at one end of the level supports a kuo-toa "fish factory" of the blind white fish of the depths, an important industry, heavily guarded to prevent food-raids from other creatures of the Underdark with the aid of an advanced kuo-toa leviathan. An island in the middle of the lake is home to an advanced otyugh, piled deep in dung, offal, carrion, and other refuse that finds its way down long, twisting garbage-shafts from Skullport.
  • The Maze Level: This level contains five major features of note - the drow outpost of Kyorlamshin, the Lair of the Umber Hulks, the Maze of Madness, an old dwarf hold built by Clan Melairkyn and expanded by the duergar, and the winding channels of the River Graymurk. Kyorlamshin is linked by a series of portals to the city of Karsoluthiyl, which lies deep beneath the ocean floor west of Baldur's Gate. The drow of House Tanor'Thal continues to dominate both settlements and the slave trade that links them. The Maze of Madness is the creation of Halaster, stocked with ravenous minotaurs and magic traps to confuse and trip up the unwary.
  • The Seadeeps: This level once housed two major mining operations of Clan Melairkyn. Nigh-endless mining tunnels stretch westward, following two now-vanished veins of mithral beneath the ocean floor. Only numerous dwarf-built locks and pumps prevent the ocean waters from seeping down and wholly flooding the level. The Seadeeps have numerous connections to the Swordsea Depths, as the Underdark beneath the Sea of Swords is known. At the present time, the Swordsea Depths are host to a long-running three-sided battle between an alliance of svirfneblin and tomb tappers, drow troops from Karsoluthiyl, and certain aboleth and their evil servant creatures. The Savants of the Dark Tide are refugees from this conflict.
  • The Caverns of Ooze: Largely avoided by the Stout Folk of Clan Melairkyn in their day, the Caverns of Ooze have long been home to all manner of slimy creatures serving That Which Lurks. Countless slimes, oozes, jellies, and other amorphous creatures frequent these natural caverns. For centuries, a colony of ghaunadans has attempted to transform this level into a massive temple of Ghaunadaur, but Halaster has continued to frustrate such efforts. Many suspect that the inhabitants of this region emanate from the bottom side of the planar breach that lies at the bottom of the Pit of Ghaunadaur and make their way down through a warren of narrow tubes, but such a connection has never been proven
  • The Terminus Level: The Terminus Level is a mix of dwarf-built chambers, now-depleted mithral mines, and vast natural caverns. Many of the one-way portals used by Halaster to restock Undermountain with dangerous monsters open into the sprawling caverns of Undermountain's eighth layer. Additionally, the Mad Mage's failed or free experiments also wander this level. The Terminus Level connects with the heart of Undermountain through the Shaft.
  • The Mad Wizard's Level: Built by Clan Melairkyn as a trading outpost, Undermountain's ninth level is linked to the Underdark by a large number of sinkholes, each ringed by fortifications allowing a small number of defenders to hold off almost any invader. This level was one of the first to fall to the drow, who then quickly made their way up The Shaft into the heart of Undermountain. Said to hold the fabled treaure of Halaster the Mad, this level is whispered of in Waterdhavian taverns late at night by those who dare to dream of plumbing the depths of Undermountain. Of course, Halaster himself has spread many of these rumors, in hopes of inducing more adventurers to die foolish deaths in his trap-filled Underhalls. In reality, Undermountain's ultimate level is one big gauntlet of nasty traps and horrifying monsters. The waiting treasure is also the subject of much speculation. Some whisper that vaults full of hundreds of mighty magic items and countless gems lie hidden in the depths of Halaster's Lair, while others claim that Halaster's greatest and cruelest joke is that the legendary hoard is no more than a pittance.
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[Lore] Waterdeep and it's areas
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