Role-Playing Persistent World for Neverwinter Nights 2
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 Server Information/FAQ

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PostSubject: Server Information/FAQ   Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:56 pm


On behalf of all of us at The City of Splendors!
Unfortunately we do not have a proper website at this time. For now let this post function as the main information hub for all your questions.

Please leave your thoughts in the suggestions forum.
Nothing is set in stone and is very much in production.

What kind of server is this?

TCOS is a persistent world role play 3.5 FR D&D NWN2 server.

Our mission is to create an immersive experience.
Through the reputation system; NPC's, Merchants, and Guards will react differently to each player. Quests and Areas will unlock as each player progresses down their own unique pathway. Without a DM a player will be able to explore a world that reacts to them and their past deeds. They will be able to find unique items usable in the fully custom trade-skill system, find random quest encounters, or perhaps a new path they never seen before.

We plan to try and cater to all play styles.
Back allies, secret entrances for rogues. Player owned ships. Housing/Shops for merchants and guild leaders. Etc.

What is the setting?

The setting takes place in Waterdeep.

In the start we will only have the surface with no monster races. After a month or two when we have a good handle on the major races we will ask the community their opinion on adding new ones and moving to include the underdark. Yes, we plan to have skull port Smile

How will the server be ran?

We want to put a large emphasis on community ideas/suggestions.
There are various methods that players can submit suggestions/ideas/content and receive feedback. The players and community are inevitably the ones who play and keep the doors open, so we want to make sure your voices are heard when we are discussing direction, future, and plots.

Prospecting/potential players please feel welcome to post suggestions.

At this time team rankings are unclear and are being discussed.

Do you plan to use some kind of 'token' system?

We plan to use the reputation system as a replacement.

What is the reputation system?

As players progress their stories, do quests, speak with NPC's, or participant in events; they will gain reputation points.

Reputation will determine how NPC's of all sorts interact with a player. Additionally, they may open up different quests, areas, or event opportunities.

Players may spend these points if they wish to gain certain things. These can range from henchmen, alignment points, quest access, or be used for various role play opportunities like player housing. By spending the reputation points the player may lose special treatment from the NPC's they interact with. May gain the reputation back. Various factions will have their own values.

All of the things that can be purchased with reputation points, are of role play value. There is a likely chance that items will not be obtainable through this system at popular player request. This will all be handled by a NPC 24/7.

What is the custom trade-skill system?

Separate from the in-game crafting system and skill system, players will be able to explore the world and quests to find crafting materials. They must then use these materials to create parts of equipment or items, and further combine them into the end product.

The trade-skill system will also feature skills like fishing, and potentially be worked into a trade pack delivery system at popular request.

What are the classes?

The classes at Waterdeep will feature some of the D&D base classes alongside a large selection of custom classes.

To start off the class selection will be limited to base classes only. Around 25. This will allow us to cover various styles of role play and game play while maintaining a stable balance. This will also let us make sure each class serves a purpose for role play and is different then each of the other classes to provide a unique experience.

What is the max level?

For alpha and betas the level cap will fluctuate while we work our way to the cap of 20.

In the future it is unclear if the cap will be raised. The decision will be largely left to the players.
For now we want to focus on getting a range of base and PRC classes that will mesh well with each other. Level 20 will allow Dungeon Masters to more easily balance challenges during events.

Low/Med/High Magic?

At this moment it is unclear.

Please leave further questions below!
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PostSubject: Re: Server Information/FAQ   Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:50 am

Are player factions going to be primarily Good based and the opposing factions; ie Evil, be NPC controlled? I personally prefer this. It prevents a lot of political turmoil. If not, will there be some controls in place to prevent players from playing characters in both factions?
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PostSubject: Re: Server Information/FAQ   Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:25 pm

tjhyland wrote:
Are player factions going to be primarily Good based and the opposing factions; ie Evil, be NPC controlled?  I personally prefer this.  It prevents a lot of political turmoil.  If not,  will there be some controls in place to prevent players from playing characters in both factions?
We don't want to restrict someone from playing good or bad, so any player can play either faction. With that said, we are handling factions and DM'ing in a different way. Hopefully this will prevent the issues you are referring to.
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PostSubject: Re: Server Information/FAQ   

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Server Information/FAQ
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