Role-Playing Persistent World for Neverwinter Nights 2
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 Everything is better on Cooldowns.

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PostSubject: Everything is better on Cooldowns.   Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:29 am

This is another pretty big suggestion. It would probably take a good deal of dev resources, but I have confidence it would work out very well. It comes in two parts...

Part 1 : The end of use per day abilities.

This part is simple. Convert -all- uses per day abilities (Except maybe one or two exceptions. I'm looking at you, Rage) into cooldown-based abilities. Use per day kind of sucks, you never want to use it in case you need it latter, the abilities get worst in long dungeons, etc. Abilities on cooldowns are generally much more fun to play, and more balanced too. (You can't go nova with them, but you also don't run dry so fast). This does leave one sore thumb though, and that's spells, which is why we also...

Part 2 : A regenerating spell point system.

This is the biggest change. Move away from Vancian magic to a spell point system. What's a spellpoint system you ask? Well, it works like Psionics do in PnP. Casters have a certain number of Spell Points (Which increases with their caster level and casting stat), and when casting spells instead of losing spell slots they lose a certain number of spellpoints based on that spell's level. (Typically 1 spell point (sp) per spell level, but other formulas are possible)

To go into more details, here are some thing that I believe make the best possible spell point system.
1. Spellcasters have much fewer spellpoints then what they would need to cast all their spell slots, especially when they would be using higher level spells. To compensate for this much lower spell limit...
2. Spellcaster regenerate spellpoints slowly. Roughtly 1-3% of their spellpoints per round, tough possibly with a different formula then just a flat %. This basically turns spells into a limited cooldown-like system, where casters who use too many spells too quickly get "tired" and need to wait to recover before being able to cast again, while also never going "Well, I'm out of spells, guess I'm completely useless for the rest of the dungeon."
3. Buff spells reduce their spellpoint cost from their target's -maximum- spellpoints, so long as they are active. This means that a caster needs to choose between casting a lot of spells during combat, or being lit with a hundred billion buffs.
4. Items and/or feats can increase your spellpoints, thus giving itemization/build options for pure casters who want to cast a lot of spells.
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PostSubject: Re: Everything is better on Cooldowns.   Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:23 am

Are we planning on using the AD&D 3.5 for the rules? Or is it going to be some home made version?
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Everything is better on Cooldowns.
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